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Autumn imagery embraces all the colors of the season. Red, yellow, and brown are typically seen in autumn color palettes. Expect to see these shades in photos of autumn landscapes, graphic patterns of autumn flowers, and more. Shots of pumpkins, squirrels, and cozy sweaters are just a few of the high-quality images you can expect to find in Shutterstock’s autumnal image collection. Whether you are looking for fun back-to-school icons to add to a student newsletter, or a Halloween-themed invite to spread the word about your upcoming costume party, Shutterstock is sure to have the autumn image to meet your needs.

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Using autumn images for social media Preparing to host a little mid-autumn open mic? Use an appropriate autumn image for your Facebook event photo. An outdoor wooden stage stringed with fairy lights is one way to let your soon-to-be singers know there is a fun show in store. If you are looking for more of a standard invitation, try one of Shutterstock’s many autumn invitation templates. Add your own party info to a glossy black invite replete with falling golden leaves or a classic white card with elegant script written in autumnal hues. If you are hoping to stir up some engagement on your Instagram account, it is important to post regularly. Posts with high-quality images receive more clicks, so be sure to share a shot each day. Something as simple as a squirrel sleeping face-down on an autumn tree branch, paired with the caption, “Mondays, am I right?” can prompt viewers to click the Like button or leave a comment. Using autumn visuals as backgrounds Give your site a fresh fall look with an eye-catching autumn background. For something subtle and undistracting, try an abstract image. A gently blurred shot of falling leaves or a watercolor print of simple orange and brown lines that evoke a sense of the season work well. You can also try out a shot that offers a natural frame to ring your text. A white backdrop with a minimalist composition of dried leaves and cotton flowers around the edges can help emphasize your message while keeping the autumn vibes alive. Looking to update a banner? Try some fun autumn cartoons or graphics. If Halloween is just around the corner, try getting into the spooky spirit of the holiday by using an illustration of freshly carved pumpkins or foggy night sky, dotted with bats. Using autumn imagery for marketing purposes Back to school season is a great time to host an autumn sale. Get the word out with an artfully designed autumn sale graphic. Add the details of your sale to one of Shutterstock’s many ready-to-go sale templates. With crisp clean fonts framed by autumn leaves, and background colors such as cobalt blue or deep red, your soon-to-be customers are sure to stop and shop. Shutterstock also has a number of autumn sale images made to use in your website banner. Simply add the keyword “banner” to your autumn sale image search and pick out a graphic that will complement your website’s color palette. The same guidelines apply if you are instead interested in printing out some autumn sale flyers. Search “autumn sale flyers” and select the image that suits your needs. Email to your customer base or print in full color to present a most professional-looking sale flyer.

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