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Shots of the sky and outer space remind us that there is a great big world out there filled with beauty and mystery. A sunrise sky of pinks and purples, a night sky twinkling with stars, the planets in space spinning in orbit. You can expect to see all these and more within Shutterstock’s ever-growing library. Whether you are looking for a stunning skyline shot to add to your website or a shooting star illustration to share on Instagram, Shutterstock is sure to have the sky or space image to take your creative project to the next level.

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Sky and space images as website backgrounds

  • Sky and space images were practically made to be set as website backgrounds. Somehow both mysterious and familiar, these images can pull viewers right in. The image you pick will depend on the tone of your site.
  • If you are looking for a classic, minimalistic design, try a pure black background dotted with white stars. This repeating pattern is simple enough so as to not distract your viewers but engaging enough to add a little something extra to your website. Plus, as a color combination, black and white never goes out of style.
  • If you want to keep things positive, try opting for a blue sky background that is cloud-free, possibly even a shot that just shows one big wash of blue. The hue can evoke the same positive associations in viewers that they would likely have if looking up at an actual blue sky.
Using sky and space images for website backgrounds

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