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Give your spooky-season designs a kooky Mid-Century-style feel with this custom typeface. Download your FREE Halloween font now!

Want to add a fun-but-sophisticated twist to your Halloween coupons, party invitations, event posters, or social media posts? Check out this FREE Halloween font, Bat Out of Hell.

Blending vintage inspiration with contemporary quirky character, Bat Out of Hell is available to download as an OpenType font, ready to use across a variety of October projects.

Scroll down to preview your free (freeee!) typeface, and discover tips for using it in your next design. Plus, find a quick and simple tutorial for creating a zombie western movie poster.

Ready to get spooky?

Bat Out of Hell Typeface

What’s Included in Your FREE Font Download

Included in your freebie download is an OpenType (OTF) version of the complete font, Bat Out of Hell. The font includes a complete set of uppercase characters* designed to help you create easy and effective headlines and display text. It can be installed and used on both Mac and Windows systems.

Bat Out of Hell Font
Example of uppercase font characters included in the pack.

You can use your FREE font in a range of apps and design programs once installed, including Word, PowerPoint, and Adobe apps.

*Please note that additional glyphs, numbers, and alternate languages are not included in this free font download.

Zombie Western Font
Perfect for the zombie western you’ve always been wanting to make.

Preview the Font Freebie

Bat Out of Hell is a novelty display font, with a vintage-inspired serif style. With an old-school Western character and bat-themed ligatures that take their cues from Mid-Century cartoon type styles, this is a fun and unique font for celebrating the spookiest event of the year.

Perfect for children’s party invites or event posters, Bat Out of Hell is kooky and quirky. Set the typeface as large-scale headlines to really bring out the best of this chunky display font.

Preview demos of Bat Out of Hell in action, and scroll down to access your download.

Bat Out of Hell Font
Bat Out of Hell Font
Zombie Poster
Make it playful or make it scary. Bat Out of Hell is versatile. Images via Selin Serhii.

How to Download Your FREE Font

Simply click the red button below to download your freebie font. The font is provided as an OTF font file, which can be used on both Windows and Mac systems. Once downloaded, double-click on the font file and follow on-screen instructions to install it.

Once installed, your font will be available to use in your font book across a range of apps, including Shutterstock Editor, Word, Pages, and Adobe programs. You can also upload your font file to online apps like Canva, to create horror-themed social media posts.

This FREE download includes a coupon that gives you a 15% off discount on Shutterstock images and footage


By downloading this FREE pack, you agree not to resell or redistribute these assets.

Read on to discover a fun and simple tutorial for creating a zombie western movie poster.

How to Create a Zombie Western Movie Poster

Not sure how to use your free font? This quick tutorial shows you how to create a spooky movie poster for a zombie western, complete with a haunted zombie cowboy and a suitably eerie green glow around your typography. You can print the poster or save as a JPEG, PNG, or PDF for sharing online.

To create the poster design, you’ll need access to both Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign, then download this image of a zombie cowboy by contributor Selin Serhii.

We’ll also be using the FREE font from the download link above, Bat Out of Hell, to create the title type.

Poster Mockup
What you’ll be creating.

Step 1

We’ll begin by editing the zombie cowboy image, removing the background to allow the figure to stand forward from the typography, and adding scary, glowing, red eyes!

First, open the image of the cowboy in Photoshop. In the Layers panel, duplicate the layer to preserve a copy of the original. Click on the copied layer to work on it.

Remove Background
Begin by removing the background.

Step 2

Use the Lasso Tool (L) to trace around the edge of the cowboy’s figure.

Lasso Tool
Using the Lasso Tool, trace around the edges of the cowboy.

Click on the Select and Mask button on the top Controls panel.

In the Properties panel that opens, check the Smart Radius box and move the Radius slider to tighten the selection. Use the Shift Edge slider to further adjust the selection.

When you’re happy with the outline, click OK.

Shift Edge Slider
Adjust the selection with the Shift Edge slider.

Copy and Paste the selection onto a new layer (Edit > Copy, Edit > Paste).

Copy/Paste Selection
Copy and paste your selection.

Step 3

Select the Brush Tool (B) and set the brush to a soft airbrush and a low Opacity (around 2%) from the top Controls panel. Set the brush color to a red swatch.

Adjust Settings
Set to a soft airbrush and lower the Opacity.

Click repeatedly over the pupils of the cowboy to gradually build up a glowing red effect across the eyes.

Then, making sure only the top layer is visible, go to File > Save As and save the image as a Photoshop (PSD) file.

Red-Eye Effect
Click repeatedly over the pupils for that red-eye effect.

Step 4

Now, we’ll move into Adobe InDesign to set up the poster layout.

Open InDesign and go to File > New > Document, setting up a single page to an A4 portrait size, without Facing Pages checked. Unless you’re creating your poster for professional printing, there’s no need to include a bleed. But, if you do, add a small bleed value of around 5mm.

Working on the document, use the Rectangle Frame Tool (F) to create an image frame across most of the two lower thirds of the page. Go to File > Place and Open the original non-edited cowboy image into the frame. Scale the image while holding Shift so that the cowboy’s hat fills the width of the page.

If you need more background to extend across the top of the page, Edit > Copy and Edit > Paste the image frame. Right-Click > Transform > Flip Vertical and move to the top to create a seamless mirror of the clouded background.

Adjust Background
Adjusting the background.

Step 5

Use the Type Tool (T) to create a text frame across the top of the page. Type in “ZOMBIE” and set the Font (from the Controls or Character panels) to Bat Out of Hell. Increase the Font Size to 132 pt and set the text to Align Center.

Create a second text frame below the first, typing in “WESTERN,” then set the Font to Bat Out of Hell and Size to 95 pt.

From the Swatches panel (Window > Color > Swatches) set the Font Color of both text frames to [Paper], for now.

Bat Out of Hell Font
Type in your text, then select the Bat Out of Hell font.

Step 6

From the Swatches panel’s main menu (at the top-right corner), choose New Color Swatch.

Set the Color Mode to RGB and the values to R=5 G=201 B=110. Then create two additional new swatches: R=255 G=0 B=0 and R=176 G=238 B=81.

Highlight the “ZOMBIE” text and apply the paler green, R=176 G=238 B=81, to the text.

Applying Color to Text
Applying a color to the “ZOMBIE” text.

Copy and Paste the “ZOMBIE” text frame and delete all the letters except the “O.” Change the Font Color of this to the red swatch, R=255 G=0 B=0.

Adding Color to Text
Change the additional “O” to red.

With the red text frame selected, go to the top menu and choose Type > Create Outlines.

Create Outlines
After you’ve selected the red text frame, go to Type and select Create Outlines.

Select the now vectorized “O” and go to Object > Paths > Release Compound Path.

Release Compound Path
Go to Object > Paths > Release Compound Path.

Then, delete two parts of the vector, leaving only the pupil shape behind. Move this over the top of the green pupil of the title type to give the eye an atmospheric red pupil. Spooky!

Adding the Red Eye
Adding the Red Eye
That simple red-eyed touch to the “O” provides that perfect creepy accent.

Step 7

Select the red pupil, the green “ZOMBIE” text frame, and the “WESTERN” text frame, then Right-Click > Group.

Select the text and Right-Click > Group.

With the group selected, go to Object > Effects > Outer Glow. With the Mode set to Normal, click on the colored square to adjust the swatch to the darker green. Click OK to return to the Effects panel.

Adjust Color
Now, adjust the swatch to a darker green.

Increase the Opacity to around 80%. Increase the Size to 7 mm, Noise to 13%, and Spread to 14%.

Poster Adjustments
Increase the Opacity, then adjust the Size and Spread.

Step 8

Select the image frame that contains the main cowboy image, and Edit > Copy, Edit > Paste in Place.

Paste in Place
Paste in Place
Now, Paste in Place.

With the pasted image frame selected, go to File > Place, navigate to the edited PSD image without the background, and click Open. The image will drop over the original to the same size, allowing the zombie cowboy to jump out from the page.


Placing the Image
Drop the image over the original.

With your poster design completed, you can easily export it as a PDF for printing or as a JPEG or PNG image (File > Export) for sharing online. Get ready to scare your friends!

Poster Mockup
Good, scary work!

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