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Add credibility, professionalism, and seasonality to your next presentation with these FREE fall PowerPoint templates. Download now!

You may be delivering your next PowerPoint presentation from the comfort of your own home—while secretly petting your cat (#remotework)—but that doesn’t mean your standards have dropped. Prove as much by making polished slides with Shutterstock‘s FREE, autumn-inspired PowerPoint templates.

In this article, we’ll show you how to download the bundle, then guide you through creating a presentation using PowerPoint and Google Slides. Kitty companion not included.

Fall Presentations
Add professionalism to your presentation with these fall-themed templates. Image via insta_photos.

Inside the FREE Fall PowerPoint Templates

By downloading the bundle, you’ll get two sets of presentation templates. Each is minimal, clean, and versatile. All of the elements—including fonts, layouts, and colors—are easy to customize.

Fall Presentation Bundle
This bundle contains two sets of versatile templates that can be customized using PowerPoint and Google Slides. Images via Oleh Phoenix and Creatureart Images. Shadow overlay via Ganjalex.


  • Minimalistic and clean design
  • 16:9 aspect ratio
  • High resolution, FHD (1920×1080 px)
  • PowerPoint and Google Slides templates (.potx and .pptx files)
  • Two sets of templates
  • Eleven slide designs included in each template
  • Free fonts
  • All elements resizable and editable

A Deeper Look Inside Each Template

Sanjivani Template

The Sanjivani presentation template comes in a terracotta-inspired color palette, reminding you of the earthy hues that dominate this season. It’s decorated with subtle, minimal botanical illustrations that add uniqueness to your slides, while still keeping a clean, professional look. This is definitely fashion-inspired, but you can use and customize it for any type of presentation.

Sanjivani Template
What’s inside the Sanjivani fall PowerPoint template. Images via Dmitry_Tsvetkov, Oleh Phoenix, Dmitry_Tsvetkov, Dmitry_Tsvetkov, IrenaStar, Dmitri Kalvan, ShotPrime Studio, Marta Bossa, Megan Betteridge, and IrenaStar.

Sadara Template

The Sadara template also comes in an earthy color palette, but with a touch of modern and a pop of muted yellow that conjures fall leaves. It’s intended for a brand guideline presentation, but can be customized to suit any presentation purpose.

Sadara Presentation Template
Inside the Sadara fall PowerPoint template. Images via Olga Gavrilova, Creatureart Images,, fizkes, Betacam-SP, Denis Mamin, Maria Savenko, vladimir salman, ViDI Studio, and venimo.

Downloading the FREE Fall PowerPoint Templates

To add this FREE bundle to your computer, click on the red download button below. After the download is finished, simply double-click the compressed ZIP file to un-package its contents and access all the files.

Download the FREE Fall PowerPoint Templates

*By downloading these FREE Minimal Fall PowerPoint Templates, you agree not to resell or redistribute these assets.

Inside each set, you’ll find four folders:

  • Fonts
  • Google Slides templates (.pptx files)
  • .pdf
  • PowerPoint templates (.potx files)

Note: The stock photos used in the preview are not included in the bundle. But, if you want to download them, you can click on the credit links below each of the preview images. Or, if you want to choose your own images, follow these tips.

Before Using the Templates

First thing’s first: Install the fonts (if you don’t, the fonts will be replaced by your default fonts).

To install the fonts, simply follow these steps:

  • Open the fonts folder inside the downloaded folder.
  • Select all of the font files (ctrl+A or cmd+A).
  • Mac users: Right-click, then choose Open With > Font The Font Book application will open, then click Install Font.
  • Windows users: Right-click, then select Install.
Installing Fonts
Installing the fonts in a Mac. Make sure you’ve installed all the fonts before using the PowerPoint templates.

Now that the fonts are installed, let’s get creative!

Using the Templates in PowerPoint

Step 1: Import the Template to PowerPoint

Open the .potx file you want to use. The file is located inside the PowerPoint templates folder.

Step 2: Save As and Rename

This .potx file is a PowerPoint template format, so you need to change it to a .pptx file so that you can modify it (without losing the file). Click Save As, choose .pptx file format, then Rename it with your presentation name.

Now, you’re ready to create your own presentation.

Step 3: Add a New Slide (with Master Slide Template)

Adding a new slide with Master Slide is easy. Just go to the Home menu, click on the dropdown symbol on Insert Slide, and the Slide layout options will appear. You can choose the suitable layout for each of your slides.

New Slide
Add a new slide with Master Slide.

Step 4: Customize Your Own PowerPoint Template

You can also modify the Master Slide to the style and layout you want. Go to View menu and click Slide Master. Choose the slide layout you want to change, then edit the layout, text, font, and remove/add more ornaments.

You can also create a new slide layout by right-clicking on the navigation pane on the left, and choose Insert Layout.

Master Slide
Customize your layout.

Tip: If you want to add more ornaments in the Sanjivani layout, just take the ornaments from the last page of the Master Slide. The slide contains some clip arts you can use to decorate your presentation. Have fun exploring!

Decorating the Slides
The last page of the Sanjivani template master slide contains the ornaments you can copy/paste to your presentation.

Step 5: Save Your Master Slide

To save the customized Master Slide, simply click on Slide Master > Close Master View, and you’ll go back to your default presentation view.

Save Master Slide
To save your customized Master Slide, click on Slide Master > Close Master View.

Using the Templates in Google Slides

Step 1: Import Theme

Open Google Slides with your desktop browser and sign in using your Google account. Start with Blank Presentation, click Theme on the toolbar, then click Import Theme.

Google Slides
Click on Theme, then click Import Theme.

Choose Upload, then upload the .pptx file of the template you want to use. It’s located under the downloaded Google Slides Templates folder (drag-and-drop will do, as well).

Make sure you choose the .pptx file, not .potx, then click Import Theme.

Step 2: Add New Slide

To add a new slide, click on the dropdown button next to the “+” button on the toolbar. You’ll find the layout options you can choose from. Click on one of the layout options to create a new slide using that chosen layout.

New Slides
Layout options.

Step 3: Customize Master Slides

You can also customize your Google Slides template by choosing the View menu and activating Theme Builder. You’ll be able to view all the slide layouts inside this template.

Slide Layouts
View the slide layouts.

Choose the slide layout that you want to customize to start editing. To go back to the default presentation view, click View > uncheck the Theme Builder.

Theme Builder
Click View > uncheck the Theme Builder to go back to the default presentation view.

Now, you (and your cat) just need to rehearse your presentation. Knock ’em dead!

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Cover images via Oleh Phoenix and Creatureart Images. Shadow overlay via Ganjalex.